msGNU - “Jugaad’a Be Kidding Me!” [Track 9]

Accompanying Essay (PDF)
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Accompanying Essay (PDF)

Thesis Essay: Jugaad-a Be Kidding Me: Re-learning Resourceful Innovation From the Global South


my nation was built on colonialist privileges
spent its inaugural period exploiting indigenous villages
history is written primarily by he who loots and pillages
nobody seems to care when it ends in a few oil spillages.

somewhere along the line progress got stuck
we wore out our tools and depend on luck
got me pullin out my hair, and i hope you don’t care if i swear
cos the whole world’s fucked.
we perpetuate the energy suck and maintain planned obsolescence
keep on trading a possible future for such a wasteful present.

electricity’s trickle-down history!
leave my laptop plugged in, but say waste is a mystery.
oversight, out of mind
fresh concrete laid over the traces we’d find
of our own footprint just stompin out the blind butterfly in jurassic times
ripple effects surely beget reminders of our dismal crimes.

first world problem, race to the bottom
construct these conundrums, now we can’t solve em
let’s set aside our egos, the world don’t revolve em
admit our mistakes or no one will absolve em

we think we’re so smart, with our noses in the air.
our trash chokes the earth, but we just don’t care.

oh my, global north, jugaad-a be kidding me!
look to emerging markets that are breaking free
education is crucial to human beings’ autonomy
and equitable access to resources is a skeleton key to be free.

()x2) who’s more impressive?
scarface or macguiver? king of an evil empire or a creative survivor?

resilience is a primary source of pure brilliance.
resistance plus persistence transcends distance.
with reasonable assistance for self-sufficient subsistence
global citizens could pursue a relatively sovereign existence.

i’m a little too wordy, little too weird.
lil wizard just tryna grow into my beard.
so tl;dr on my views- if you teach a man to fish
he might just teach you how to spice it up and reinvent the dish.

(x2) who’s more impressive?
scarface or macguiver? king of an evil empire or a creative survivor?

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