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Accompanying Essay (PDF)
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Accompanying Essay (PDF)

Thesis Essay: The Sharing Economy: From Each According to Their Need, To Each According to Their Ability


new age of labour
do yourself a favor
crowdsource a plan and connect with your neighbour
stockpile video footage
mix it up
act quick before the copyright gets more corrupt

i’m pitching a tent in the creative commons
i wanna eat a steak but i can only buy ramens
when I write a parody, call it fair use
you’re just playing at being obtuse, you gold goose

navigating these laws, what’s really hard is
swallowing the fact that you keep the profits from the artist
garbage top 40, so we make our own station
got support thanks to the electronic frontier foundation

output gettin DRM’d by the DMCA
if every phrase has been used then i’ve got nothing to say
this is why we conceptualized the public domain
omnipresent innovations gettin deep in your brain

new creations rely on the shoulders of giants
can’t construct disruptive developments minus defiance
true societal progress should be based on alliance
rock a peer review method like this is hard science

divisive legal battles only benefit the bigwhigs
here on the bottom we’re stuck with free craigslist gigs
but there’s hope in the heart of every musician i know.
and we put it all out there like a free sideshow.


who owns the future? that’s what we ask
half full glass, web platforms tap that cask
while the middle class gets buried in a stratified casket
record execs stack residuals in a basket
any chance of policy reform, they will mask it
when they drop new singles like a tisket, a tasket

look at the gumption as they exploit prosumption!
no break from the workday, you better bring your lunch in!

such a narrow range of options
we’re busking to our coffins
we don’t see any other way to go
but i’m still grinning and running
hope a new day’s coming
even though it’s surely coming slow

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msGNU - sharecon

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