msGNU - “A Dirty Shame” [Track 3]

Accompanying Essay (PDF)
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Accompanying Essay (PDF)

Thesis Essay: A Dirty Shame: Labelling, Deviance, and the New Media Spotlight


hikikomori hiccups stuck in cyberspace
useless YouTube fights splashin egg on my face
once we called it social disgrace, now it’s the new norm
Hundred forty characters form a gush rush swarm

poor dorothy gettin crushed in the hate-fueled storm
i’m hidin by the kindle fire trying to get warm
but your comment section burns are ice cold
old broken souled trolls
put me in a chokehold
nice words are fool’s gold

new media spotlight burns your skin right off
if you say “please stop it” they’ll just laugh or cough
we’re eroding the meaning of privacy
and even worse, self determined identity

so labels of deviance
carry new meanings and
if your obedience
isn’t quite seemly then
they’ll lock you in a pen
and coin new slang for what a traitor you’ve been

everybody’s searchable but nobody’s free
you can say something mean then blame it on me
there’s a couple key phrases that will nail you down
get you strip-searched for life and followed all around

centralized database is the new iron cage,
shelf your rage, they spy more viral than a microphage
we thought the internet would lead to liberating days
instead the brave new world brings us a fahrenheit blaze

ooh mr sci fi, turns out you’re a wise guy
consummated prophecies bring a tear to my eye
like slick rick i’m left sayin “why why why”
sinkin to my knees every time i spy, cry, die

the clickbait soma leaves me in a coma
i’m a toxic avenger left behind by ole troma
late pretender to the throne, how’d i end up here alone
phone home in the terrordrome give that dog a bone

it’s always rule 34 or godwin’s law
leave me aching sore, bitter hatred stuck in my craw
PR planned this bet, has justine landed yet,
no such thing as bad publicity, take what we can get.

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msGNU - a dirty shame

Steve Harvey

1925 wizard of oz

CNN interview with violentacrez

footage taken from william lustig’s MANIAC COP 2

scarlet letter footage

french science vid

brave new world original miniseries

fahrenheit truffaut footage

slick rick footage

toxic avenger footage

lemon stealing whores

from kung fury

CNN footage