msGNU - “Technological Unconsciousness” [Track 2]

Accompanying Essay (PDF)
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Accompanying Essay (PDF)

Thesis Essay: Shapeshift into Cyborgs: Embedded Technology and Automated Environments


let’s talk about the internet of things!
microchips hulked out, grew wings
twitter telling me why the caged drone sings
automated fixations are just what tomorrow brings.

hearing minor autotuned chords
deep embedded circuit boards
instant messages comin from your home’s chairs and floors
all sorts of ways they can improve your days
simultaneously turn your life into albee plays.

sayin the surveillance comes and goes
your bluetooth is proof that friends and foes both see ya, goof
google earth satellite zoomin in on your roof
fetch your mail in a robe and you’ll look like a doof.

and why ya gettin paper bills anyhow?
the new tech is here, so get with the now
it’s hip to be square if that square is a cellphone
moore’s law begets tiny tech, i’ll never ever be alone again
phone a friend, it’s the ten thousand dollar question
too scared to be a rapper when the wicked wiretappers
are most likely listening in.

are you root? no, seriously, are you root, dude?
if you are root you can address me in a stern mood
but apt-get your shitty attitude out the room
or i’ll rm you into the trash like a broom.

machines are learning, are your ears burning
profits gossip with everything lossless
nintendo secret level or you’re fighting with the bosses
cos skynet insists that its logic is flawless.

(x2) technological unconsciousness
your surroundings will surpass the turing test
bitcoin, dogecoin, or coinye west
young folks invest cos they’re hashtag blessed.

blaze up a doober in the driverless uber
the misstep recorded by the commuter computer
then you hear as the central speaker system parrots
“passenger your punishment is five demerits”

but we need tech that’s holistic, not prescriptive
each human being supported as uniquely gifted
open access data helps us know ourselves better
biomedical analysis for healthy go-getters
goal-setters gamifying life’s big challenges
turning bad habits into steadier balances

find a next level you!
choose what to do
universal will to become shows vonnegut knew
our brains are neuroplastic and our limits porous
so collaborative growth is really working for us.

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msGNU - technological unconsciousness

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